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Without a doubt about setting up a washer/dryer in a walk-in cabinet – impossible?

Without a doubt about setting up a washer/dryer in a walk-in cabinet – impossible?


Even although you might get the desired electric outlets, the plumbing system hurdles might be insurmountable. Plumbing codes generally in most localities demand a washer hook-up. It is not likely that an apartment could be put up for a 2″ drain line, because so many sinks do not require a drain that big. The next issue will be correctly venting the washer standpipe. Unless there is a nearby vent stack that you may connect into, or perhaps you’re on a high flooring and also the building owner allows you vent through the roof (extremely not likely), you are most likely away from fortune.

Then there is the concern of a power supply for a dryer. Are you experiencing a 220V circuit with enough amperage in your device to guide a dryer that is electric? Or even, can there be a fuel line into the kitchen area that may be tapped for the fuel dryer?

And lastly, why don’t we keep in mind venting for the dryer. Until you opt for a condenser dryer, you will have to vent the dryer exhaust to your exterior.

On the whole, i believe you are being extremely positive if you were to think this could be a project that is simple. You almost certainly needs to have held down for the accepted spot that included washer and dryer hook-ups.


We have done it twice and been really pleased with the tota outcomes (we reside in a five degree home and desired a WD in the top within our room). You have heard most of the professional’s and con’s right right right here. It absolutely wasn’t “that” easy ( never ever ever ever ever ever|never ever never state “how much can it price. ” ) That declaration constantly costs me personally a king’s ransom!

We did both in smaller closets and had to accomplish drywall repair/rebuild. You will need to replace the home to a form of home that is used for the garage or entry way (it is a fire code thing). Standard byfolds won’t work.

We went fuel. That did not cost significantly more than a few hundred bucks as it ended up being near by. We don’t have way too much problem with water either because we utilized lines that were kept from a jacuzzi bath tub which was indeed eliminated.

Within the 2nd it backed as much as a tub and once more maybe not this kind of big deal.

We vented into the exterior by having a vent out of the wall surface.

They are loved by me( we’ve the Kenmore stackables within one and GE into the other). It would be done by me once more in a heartbeat.


We place a washer and dryer in a closet that is large the second floor of my townhouse. The specialist provided me with an estimate of $3500 including the electrical and plumbing work necessary. Additionally, i am in Tennessee therefore the expenses of work might be cheaper than at your local area. I’m not sure yet just exactly exactly how near that estimate ended up being to your real expense.

Venting the dryer turned out to be a nightmare. We made the blunder of asking my condo board for authorization to vent outside (rather than utilize those types of water that is little). The condo board had been an important hassle to manage while they were concerned with the vent destroying the appearance that is outside. Numerous residents stated i ought ton’t have expected and simply done the thing I desired without their approval.

We too thought it could be far more convenient to possess a washer and dryer in my house. But i believe “weissman” brings up a beneficial point in regards to the cash you will be buying a leasing device. Perhaps the landlord would protect a few of the price you move out since it will make renting that unit that much more desirable when? I’m certain he’ll raise the month-to-month lease appropriately!

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