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“I’m a lesbian and i then found out my girlfriend had been expecting”

“I’m a lesbian and i then found out my girlfriend had been expecting”



I’m a lesbian and came across a gorgeous woman in 2014. We dropped in everything and love ended up being great. Then she instantly became sick and had become rushed to medical center where we discovered she ended up being expecting.

We knew she ended up being bisexual and she became expecting while she had not been beside me. She made a decision to have an abortion and I also taken care of it. After until I met a guy, befriended him and introduced him to my girlfriend that we moved in together and were happy.

One we were drinking with friends when my girlfriend and this guy left the party to have sex at the apartment – and I caught them night. I happened to be therefore furious and we also fought great deal a while later.

Then, a year ago, she split up we still live together with me but. She’s now dating that man. Exactly What do I need to do?


It’s not clear why you decide to keep residing together even when you are no longer in a relationship. Your starting place right here would be so that you can come to a decision with regards to your living arrangements.

How can residing that she is in a relationship with a guy who used to be your friend, affect you with her, knowing?

Will there be any such thing in specific that you’re taking advantage of insurance firms her around? Each of those have indicated you their true colours and they can’t be trusted.

Why can you are felt by you need to matter you to ultimately having them in your lifetime?

Their existence is really a reminder that is constant of betrayal. You don’t require people that are such your daily life. Simply take a stand and ask her to transfer.



I am a married guy in three kids to my 30s. I was open about my life and where I live when I met my wife.

The issue is that after we asked her about who she’d dated around our area, she didn’t like to tell me.

I believe she might nevertheless be seeing those individuals which explains why she does not would you like to let me know. Each and every time we ask her me, saying it’s the past about it she threatens to leave. Am I wrong to want to learn or just just what?


There’s nothing wrong with curious about regarding your wife’s loves that are past. Then why is she not willing to tell you about them if the relationships are in the past?

She actually is acting as you suspicious if she has something major to hide and making.

You are suggested by me look for help from a wedding counsellor to obtain some responses before this ruins your marriage.



I’m 18 and dating a man who’s 21. We’ve been together for 3 years.

He enjoys sex that is having a condom and I’m instead of birth prevention. Exactly Exactly What must I do?


Performs this mean you’ve been resting with him without protection for 3 years? You really must be a girl that is really lucky you have got perhaps not conceive yet.

That is your human anatomy along with your life along with which will make decisions that suit both you and have your very best interests in your mind.

Making use of condoms can not only make sure from contracting any STIs or HIV/Aids that you don’t fall pregnant but it will safeguard you.

Stay your ground – no glove, no love! To learn more about other contraceptive practices and HIV/Aids screening.



I’m a 28-year-old mom of two. We once tested good for HIV, but We never ever had the guts to talk about it with anyone, including my boyfriend. I’m afraid i would lose everyone else near.


Telling your family after testing good for HIV is just a task that is mammoth. You should be ready emotionally and mentally for just exactly how everybody else might respond.

But postponing telling them just makes it harder. It is advisable it now rather than later so you can get their support if you do.

It is best to go to your closest center or call LifeLine’s Aids for assistance with just how to reveal your status to your ones that are loved.

I wish you good luck with everything.



We came across some guy who’s got two young ones and I get one. He constantly claims I am loved by him in which he even introduced us to his family.

But you can find girls who WhatsApp him and phone him. We don’t trust him, but We still love him.

So what can i really do me too because he loves?


If he really loves you just as much as you like him, he then must be ready to stop exactly what he could be doing and reassure you of his love.

You’ll want to make him know how their actions make one feel together with effect it offers on your own relationship.

He has got to make your trust. If they are the infant mamas calling and texting, he then has got to come neat and let you know so both of you can set contact guidelines for them.

Prefer is fragile and without trust it really is condemned.

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